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AccuScan Radar 400/500 4DHD

AccuScan Radar 400/500 4DHD


Stop bar and advance detection within a single maintenance-free housing

  • The 600C offers up to 8 lanes of stop line detection for large intersections

  • The 1000C offers up to 1,000 of advance detection for high speed approaches

  • Both sensors are ideally suited for adaptive control systems with lane-by-lane detection

  • AccuScan is simple to install on mast arms minimizing the need for lane closures

AccuScan 600C & 1000C Product Data Sheet (PDF) 

AccuScan 600C & 1000C Product Specifications (DOC) 

AccuScan 400/500 Product Data Sheet (PDF) 

TMIB Traffic Management Interface Board Data Sheet (PDF) 

AccuScan Radar Interface Panel Datasheet (PDF) 

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