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ATC Cabinet

ATC Cabinet


Video: ATC Cabinet Overview

  • Power Assembly
  • 48-Channel Input Assembly
  • Output Assembly
  • Auxiliary Display Unit (ADU)
  • Traffic Controllers
  • Output Termination Assembly
  • Service Panel

The Safetran (an Econolite Group company) ATCC is the next-generation Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) traffic cabinet. This intelligent cabinet design is based on the most popular features of Safetran’s Caltrans, NEMA, and ITS cabinets. The ATCC uses high-speed serial communications, providing modern features, advanced diagnostics, enhanced safety, simplified cabinet wiring, and reduced cabinet size. The ATCC supports both 120 VAC and 48-volt DC signal heads, while high density load switches and quad detector modules allow for up to 32 signal outputs and 120 detection inputs.

The ATCC provides both voltage and current monitoring of all signal outputs - even ultra low-power LEDs. The innovative Safetran power assembly accepts 120 VAC and a variety of alternative off-grid power sources, providing safer, smarter, and greener intersection operations.

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