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Applied Information

Applied Information



  • Cloud based, Browser accessable 
  • Situational Awareness
  • Device Overview
  • Device Unit Detail

Glance Preemption

  • Supports transit priority capable controllers to keep signals in coordination
  • Monitors traffic cabinet status & health including: AC power, BBS battery, Conflict Monitor, Fan status, Remote power cycling, and much more
  • Redundant communications supporting both 900MHz radio (2) and Cellular communication (1)
  • Adaptive preemption
  • Simple to configure priority and preemption zone using map based configurator.
  • Integral battery back-up for power fail reporting

School Zone Flasher

  • Increased confidence in system performance with automated and continuous monitoring and reporting without the need for costly inspections
  • Instant status change notification via SMS/Email when battery is flat, charging stops, power is lost, and even when beacons have failed
  • Make schedule changes or manually activate one or all beacons from your desk or smartphone with immediate effect
  • Works with both AC and Solar Flashing Beacons
  • Reduced downtime and improved response rates by knowing the location and exact status of each unit before sending service personnel
  • Retrieve traffic stats without sending personnel to the site
  • Remotely access logs for performance reports confirming actual on/off times
  • Battery monitoring indicates when it’s time to replace battery before there is a problem

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