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Autoscope® Vision

  • Highest levels of accuracy and performance for the Advanced Traffic Management System

  • Built-in local WiFi for quick and simple set up

  • Program an entire intersection in just minutes

  • Easy to install with 3-wires-only

  • Simple integration to all traffic cabinets

  • High Definition (HD) camera for superior video images

  • 2 gore breathers

Video: Autoscope Vision

Autoscope® Image Sensor IV

  • Advanced Traffic Management Detection
  • Designed for most wide-area machine vision vehicle detection applications

  • Low maintenance

  • Low power consumption

  • Rugged, environmentally sealed enclosure

  • Auto-gain circuitry for improved detection in varying light conditions

  • Hydrophilic faceplate coating

  • No streaking or blooming from bright light sources (headlights)

Autoscope® ENCORE

  • Provides advanced traffic management system for vehicle detection at intersection stop line and advance extension applications

  • EasyLink connectivity for broadband communications

  • Streaming digital MPEG-4 video output

  • User-definable password protection

  • Vehicle detection, traffic data measures, speed, and incident detection

  • Bicycle detection and differentiation

Rackvision™ Terra™

  • Rackvision Terra Traffic Video Detection
  • Vehicle detection, traffic data collection and incident detection

  • Up to sixteen (16) modular video input channels (PAL, CCIR, NTSC or RS170)

  • Dual-core processor for advanced image processing

  • MPEG-4 digital streaming video output or analog output

  • EasyLink broadband communications

  • IP addressable

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