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We specialize in converting your ITS, intersection, or freeway management concerns into solutions. We carry a full line of intelligent transportation system products and parts and have the customer service, technicians, and field support to bring your project from concept to completion.

Our Featured Products

Cobalt Controller

Cobalt Controller

One of the most critical, if not the critical component, of any signalized intersection, the advanced traffic signal controller must seamlessly integrate leading edge electronics, communications and functionality.

The Cobalt controller by Econolite offers this capability, in conjunction with an easy-to-use GUI.

With it’s 7” color LCD touch screen display, an Android-type graphical user interface, and a Linux-based open architecture operating system, the Cobalt brings the user 10x more processing power and exceeds the 6.10 ATC standards, while still being based off of the 8 year proven ASC3 NEMA controller framework. The Cobalt’s Touch software provides a full color GUI with touch screen capabilities to include the ability to tap menu icons, select programming pull down and drop down icons, and swipe the main screen to advance to another application window. The controller’s software updating, signal-timing databases copying, and transferring of controller logs can all be done with a USB memory stick or SD card through either of the USB 2.0 ports for ease of use in the field. Two built in Ethernet Switches provide four 10/100Mbit Ethernet front panel ports. The Cobalt also offers handheld device compatibility for ease of programming. With a growing need in-the-field for more advanced options and versatility for the Traffic Engineer and staff, yet keeping the use of the controller intuitive, the Cobalt traffic controller has surpassed the normal operating procedure for traffic signal equipment.

Please contact Paradigm Traffic Systems at 817-831-9406 for further information.

encore autoscope

Econolite - Autoscope Encore

Encore, The Most Powerful in the Autoscope Family

Encore, Econolite’s newest 3-conductor Autoscope product , leverages state-of-the-art video image processing and broadband communications, providing new levels of traffic management and detection. An ideal multitasking video detection solution, ENCORE captures and analyzes video images, providing real-time traffic polling and data collection, as well as MPEG-4 streaming video. The automated traffic data collection and distribution of each installed ENCORE unit can provide valuable field data - the foundation of ITS

Encom Wireless™

Paradigm Traffic Systems would like to announce their partnership with Encom Wireless.

Encom COMMPAK Series

For an array of applications, such as video surveillance, controller interconnect, broadband Internet access, voice-over-IP (VoIP), public and municipal Wi-Fi access, or any wireless networks for video, voice and data, the COMMPAK guarantees robust and reliable communication links.

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